Parent and Child Program

Come to visit New Zealand with your child, attend school and stay with a host family.  

During the stay your child can experience local education.  Daycare Centre for under 5yr olds, Primary school for 5yr to 12yr olds.  Children learn best with other children.

While your child is experiencing school you can also try a part time course at the local language school to improve your English, try a volunteer activity or simply enjoy the freedom and experience New Zealand as you like.

Course Points

Important Points


Yes of course.  It is nice to experience a homestay but you may prefer your own space.  We do recommend at least 1 week in the homestay to experience NZ life and make friends, then you can move to the motel for the remainder of your stay.

New Zealand Primary and Intermediate Schools are a lot of fun.   Yes your child will feel anxious and nervous but these feelings are normal and an important part of growing and becoming strong resilient individuals.  They will settle down, make friends and never forget the experience.