Homestay Experience

A homestay with us is to stay with a local family living in or around Tauranga City in the Bay of Plenty of New Zealand.   To experience their lifestyle while you enjoy a range of options. It is a great way to experience our country travelling as a single person whether it is your sole purpose to come here or part of a bigger picture.

Picnic with host family

Homestay hosts normally live in urban areas handy to shopping centers and city bus routes

Our host families are hospitable, cheerful and many have a love for the outdoors and of course to learn about other cultures. Kiwi families strike a good balance between work and family time spending time to play sports, follow interests and hobbies and enjoy the nature that New Zealand is famous for. This is our kiwi style and the culture that comes with it we call “kiwiana”.  Some classic examples of kiwiana is to watch a local rugby game, eat and ice cream and walk along the beach, picnic with fish and chips.

During your stay you will be able to enjoy time with your host, explore the surroundings and freely experience “kiwistyle “and “Kiwiana”.

Course Points