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Niki Cheng – International Student – Westlake Girls High School

Attended 2014 Program

I don’t know about other participant’s experience, but those three weeks in Japan was a best thing ever for me. Firstly, it was my first time to Japan, and I could hardly believe I was in Japan the day we arrived… And I think I was really lucky with my host family. I felt I fitted in the family very well because of our common interests. My homestay family was really nice to me and I truly felt like it was my second home! Secondly, the three days at Daisen camp was really special, I loved my group “VEGA 3”. The kids were very cute and the activities were really fun and enjoyable. On the last day I received little notes from all the people in my group, it was touching, even now I still love to read those notes now and again.

The last day, I got an album from my homestay, it was made by my host sister. There were lots of memorable photos and lovely messages for me. I was cried when I saw it at the airport. It was my best memory ever!! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have been on this program. Thank you labo!!!!

Niki Cheng