Introducing Labo

About The Labo International Exchange Foundation

Created in 1962, Labo is a non-profitable educational organization that provides an integrated program of youth development, language learning, and cultural exploration for Japanese children and their families. At the heart of the Labo organisation are the 3000+ Labo Parties located all over Japan. A Labo Party is a group of members who meet once per week to use and learn English in a variety of ways including song, dance and drama. Operating the Labo Parties are Labo Tutors who, as well as teach and mentor their Labo members, attend regular area meetings and form a wide network of support for Labo members. Some Labo Tutors see their members start at the age of 2 and see them grow up throughout their teenage years. Regional offices serve as the hub for the tutors information and communication which is all managed by the Labo head office located in Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo.
One of the big draw cards for Labo members is the overseas exchange program that Labo is famous for. Since 1972 Labo has been sending its members on homestay programs around the world including China, America, Canada, Australia, and in 2001, started the New Zealand program with Lets Homestay in Tauranga. Year 2011 was the 10th anniversary of the In-New Zealand program with host schools Tauranga Intermediate, Tauranga Girls and Boys College’s.

Lets Homestay's Outbound Program to Japan

Let’s Homestay has been operating homestay programs for Japanese students visiting Tauranga since 1997. Over the years hundreds of local families have had the opportunity to host our young visitors from a variety of Japanese students groups, one of them being from the Labo International Exchange Foundation (Labo). The first outbound homestay program to Japan was held in 2007 and very successful programs each year since. This program is open to all students currently studying in New Zealand aged 13 to 18years. There are also a small number of adult chaperone positions available. IMPORTANT NOTE: Students must be willing to spend 3-4 weeks submersed in foreign language and cultural environment. This program is not for the faint hearted and a reasonable level of resilience is a prerequisite.