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Hitachi City

The City of Hitachi is located in the northeast of Ibaraki prefecture just north of the Kanto plain, Honshu, Japan.   It has a mild climate and it is situated on the coast it is surrounded by natural beauty with a backdrop of mountains and boasting some superb views of the Pacific Ocean.

Hitachi has developed into a manufacturing city from an industrial heritage in mining and electronics, and now plays a leading role in these fields.  Hitachi is also a city blessed with many sites of cultural significance.  There are also many sightseeing spots such as Kamine Park, Okuhitachi-kirara-no-sato and the six beaches stretching along the Hitachi coastline.  This attractive and lively city attracts many visitors from all over Japan as well as those from abroad.

Tauranga & Hitachi Sister City Relationship

The Sister City Relationship

Tauranga City, New Zealand and Hitachi City Japan established a sister city relationship on April 18, 1988 after a series of Hitachi / Tauranga student and citizen exchanges. 30 years of relationship has flourished with numerous exchanges and official events.
Now Rotary Clubs and the Girl Guides and other circles in Hitachi and Tauranga have established strong relationships.

Tauranga and Hitachi visit each other’s city every third year and the last official visit was when the Mayoral delegation from Hitachi City Office visited Tauranga in October 2017. 

Tauranga students with Hitachi host families

The Hitachi School and Cultural Experience

Lets Homestay, Tauranga Intermediate School has been hosting a small number of junior high school students from Hitachi City each year since 2008. This initiative by the Hitachi Board of Education and Ibaraki Kotsu Travel (former Hitachi Dentetsu) has seen 10-15 young student come to Tauranga in August each year, experience school life, homestay life and learn English. As a result of the success of this program the Hitachi Education Board have been eager for Tauranga and other New Zealand students to come to Hitachi and experience Japan school and homestay life. We are excited to bring you this Hitachi homestay and Tokyo Experience.