Homestay Host

Families, couples, individuals, just about any make up of family can become a host.  We are ideally after people with the right attitude, people who love the area they live in, love New Zealand and wish to offer our great hospitality to international visitors.

Host Families for Student Groups

Host requirements vary but usually families with young to teenage children are preferred. In some cases where schools are involved host will be restricted to only those with children attending the relevant school.

Mother and Child Host family

Visitors are placed with families who have children of a similar age who attend the same school taking part in the program.

Senior Homestay Host

Visitors are normally in their 50’s & 60’s and are match with host of a similar age. Well suited to retired folk who have the time to spend with their guest.

Police Vetting

Police vetting is required to be completed by all members of the household over the age of 18yrs.  On the Police Vetting form, Page 1 is for Lets Homestay to complete.  All you have to do is complete page 2 and then on page 3 enter your name, date and sign either digitally or print and sign.
A separate form for every person in your home over the age of 18yrs is required.