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Hi, and thanks for your interested in becoming a farmstay host with Lets Homestay!


Please fill out this simple enquiry form below or click on the following link to submit a full application form.
1. Farmstay Host Application Form https://letshomestay.com/farmstay-host-application-form/

2. Police Vetting Form (required by all members of the household over the age of 18yrs)
Please click the following link for the PDF police vetting.  https://letshomestay.com/hostforms/lhspolicevetting2018.pdf

On the Police Vetting form, Page 1 is for Lets Homestay to complete.  All you have to do is complete page 2 and then on page 3 enter your name, date and sign either digitally or print and sign.
A separate form for every person in your home over the age of 18yrs is required.
If you need the user guide please click on this link https://letshomestay.com/hostforms/PVform_userguide.pdf

Once you have completed the forms please contact our office to make a time for a home visit by one of our staff.  Call 07 543 3220 or 027 294 3144

More Information about our Farmstays . . . 
Let’s Homestay operates a variety of farmstay programmes in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato. One of these programs is to cater for Japanese student farmstay.

Student Farmstay
Students are predominantly aged from 13 to 18. During their visit to New Zealand a 2 or 3 night farmstay will be included in their itinerary. 3-4 students stay at each farm depending on the group’s request and size.

During the Farmstay, hosts are required to;

Provide a relaxing family home environment.
Guests will be looking forward to staying with you and experiencing your farming lifestyle. A relaxed atmosphere without too many changes to your normal way of life is the best hosting environment.

Include the guests in the daily breakfast, lunch & dinner meals.
All meals during the guests stay at your home are included. If you are planning an outing you must still provide the meal. (e.g. lunch picnic)

Provide the guests with their own bedroom, comfortable bedding and adequate privacy.
A bed is required for every guest however they may share a room.

Involve the guests with farming work
The highlight of the Farmstay is to be involved with farm animals. This could be in any form from just moving stock and feeding out to helping in the milking or shearing sheds. If you know guests are coming you may like to save a special chore that you think would interest the guests for when they are staying with you.

Hosts are required to collect their guests on the arrival day and drop them back to designated meeting locations on the departure day.

The hosting fees are paid once the farmstay has been completed. Fees are paid by internet banking. GST may be added and an invoice is required if host is registered.

Arrivals and Departures
In most cases guest will arrive mid afternoon to evening on the first night and depart by mid morning on the final day.

No guest placement is guaranteed. All applications are matched with hosts and farms we feel are best suited to the guests needs. Our staff will contact you by phone, e-mail or fax to confirm hosts availability for the period of the stay.

Our office is on call 24/7 for host and guest support. Should any problems arise our staff will readily assist. Guests may also utilise our service to make additional travel arrangements.

Farmstay Host Enquiry
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