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Become a Host

Hi, and thanks for your interested in becoming a host with Lets Homestay!

(If you live in the country and have animlas you may qualify as a farmstay, For FARMSTAY host applications click here here)


Please fill out the application form and the Police Vetting forms.
1. Host Application Form https://letshomestay.com/homestay-application/

2. Police Vetting Form (required by all members of the household over the age of 18yrs)
Please click the following link for the PDF police vetting.  https://letshomestay.com/hostforms/lhspolicevetting2018.pdf

On the Police Vetting form, Page 1 is for Lets Homestay to complete.  All you have to do is complete page 2 and then on page 3 enter your name, date and sign either digitally or print and sign.
A separate form for every person in your home over the age of 18yrs is required.
If you need the user guide please click on this link https://letshomestay.com/hostforms/PVform_userguide.pdf

Please send the police vetting forms the same time you submit your host family application.

send to : enquiry@letshomestay.com or post to :

Lets Homestay
PO Box 3129
Tauranga 3142

More information on what we do …

Let’s Homestay operates a variety of Homestay and Farmstay programs for Japanese visitors in Tauranga and neighbouring regions.
Most of our visitors tend to be young students to middle aged adults who stay for 1~3 weeks.
They can be involved with any one of the special programs we offer. Below is a brief description of the variety of people we are interested to hear from to join our hosting network.

Host Families for Group Programs
Host requirements vary but usually families with young to teenage children are preferred. In some cases where schools are involved host will be restricted to only those with children attending the relevant school.

Homestay Hosts
Families, couples, individuals, just about any make up of family can become a host.
We are ideally after people with the right attitude, people who love the area they
live, love New Zealand and wish to show our great hospitality to international visitors.

Farmstay Hosts
Our Farmstay program will suit families living on farms both large and small. Even lifestyle
block farms may qualify as long as animals are being farmed. Host should be within reasonable access to Tauranga or Waikato regions.

Home Lesson Host/tutor
Hosts must be available during the week and have some form of qualification teaching English as a second language.

English + Alpha Host/tutor
A qualification is not necessary but hosts with a passion for the Alpha content is a
prerequisite. Cooking, Maori Culture and Gardening are well promoted. Other talents are
always welcomed as we get a variety of requests.

Mother and Child Host family
Visitors are placed with families who have children of a similar age who attend the same
school taking part in the program.

Senior Homestay Host
Visitors are normally in their 50-60’s and are match with host of a similar age. Well suited to retired folk who have the time to spend with their guest.

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