About Hitachi City

View of Hitachi City from the Pacific Ocean above

Hitachi City

The City of Hitachi is located in the northeast of Ibaraki prefecture just north of the Kanto plain, Honshu, Japan.   It has a mild climate and it is situated on the coast it is surrounded by natural beauty with a backdrop of mountains and boasting some superb views of the Pacific Ocean.

Hitachi has developed into a manufacturing city from an industrial heritage in mining and electronics, and now plays a leading role in these fields.  Hitachi is also a city blessed with many sites of cultural significance.  There are also many sightseeing spots such as Kamine Park, Okuhitachi-kirara-no-sato and the six beaches stretching along the Hitachi coastline.  This attractive and lively city attracts many visitors from all over Japan as well as those from abroad.


Hitachi Mayoral delegation visits Tauranga in October 2017

The Sister City Relationship

Tauranga City, New Zealand and Hitachi City Japan established a sister city relationship on April 18, 1988 after a series of Hitachi / Tauranga student and citizen exchanges. Over the 29 years the relationship has flourished with numerous exchanges and official events.
Now Rotary Clubs and the Girl Guides and other circles in Hitachi and Tauranga have established strong relationships.

In November of 2007 A large delegation from Hitachi visited Tauranga which was followed by a similar delegation from Tauranga to Hitachi in April 2008, to celebrate the 20th anniversary.
In November 2012 a delegation from Hitachi came to Tauranga, a year and a half after the big earthquake and tsunami disaster of 2011.
In October 2017 a delegation of 13 from Hitachi City visited Tauranga with a new Mayor, Mr Ogawa.  Along with Tauranga’s new Mayor Mr Greg Brownless a new error of talks and relationships have begun.

Part of the discussions between the two cities at the sister city meetings was to gather a group of Tauranga residents who would like to visit Hitachi and experience the famous Sakura Matsuri in April.  It will also mark the 30th year since the signing of the sister city relationship and will be an unforgettable experience for those who come along.

Lets Homestay is proud to be a part of the sister city activities and we look forward to sending our Tauranga people to Hitachi Japan on the tour.

The Hitachi Sakura Matsuri

Heiwa Dori with the Furyomono in mid performance

Hitachi holds its annual Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom festival) very year in early April. The main road called Heiwa Dori that is lined with beautiful trees and at the time of the festival absolutely littered with blosoms. It is one of the best 100 spots to view Sakura in Japan. During the Sakura season the Main sakura viewing parks and street are illuminated for night viewing too.

The Sakura Road race start

In the start of the festival is the road race where you can enter in a variety of races from 2km to a half marathon. Runners from all over Japan and some from abroad come to Hitachi to partake in the event. As the day unfolds Heiwa Dori becomes the home to dozens of stalls selling food, drinks, games and the middle of the road constant stage of entertainment.
The Furyomono performance (giant portable shrine and puppet theatre) is a highlight and is also registered as part of the UNESCO Cultural Heritage for the preservation of performing arts.

Other Photos

Hitach Sakura Matsuri looking down Heiwa Dori (street)

Tauranga group take part in carrying the 600kg mikoshi portable shirine during the Sakura parade

Tauranga group visits Taikan Sake brewery


Fudotaki Waterfall

Oiwa Shrine

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